Sunday, November 6, 2011

RIP Hickstead

My heart truly goes out to Eric Lamaze and his team today for their loss of Hickstead. Hickstead was an absolutely amazing horse and I can't imagine having been in Lamaze's shoes.

For those who wish to see what happened in first-person and in full detail, as it aired live on tv:
(Caution: it IS graphic - this is not video of Hickstead's round but rather of his going down)

I've never seen a horse go down like that, but many with such experience are saying it looks like the equine version of a heart attack.

I still can't believe it happened; I saw him last in September at Spruce Meadows, competing, alive and healthy.

I am REALLY anxious to see how his foals go; Eric bought a foal by Hickstead recently:

Edited to add:

Here is the full 34min CBC press conference with Eric Lamaze present. COD was determined upon necropsy to be acute aortic rupture.Link
Spruce Meadows has made a video tribute to Hickstead.

A wonderful article, Hickstead: The Little Stallion who Became Canada's Champion.

CTV broadcast, including Hickstead and Eric's last round at Verona, Italy, before the stallion collapsed (does not show the collapse).