Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arabians are crazy

Yes, Arabians in particular must be absolutely stupid. I swear, the next time someone makes that comment to me again, about Arabians or even about Thoroughbreds, I will personally slap them. Hard.

Arabians are probably one of the smartest breeds I know, and Thoroughbreds aren't slouches either! They are both very sensitive and high energy breeds, so I can understand how they may not be suited to every person - but don't blame it on the breed or horse just because YOU lack the savvy to deal with said particular horse/breed!

I think when people make the statements "oh I hate (insert breed name here)" it is due to lack of understanding and knowledge. Plain and simple. I just wish people would understand that perhaps they feel the way they do about a particular breed for that reason and so would accept that rather than blaming it on the breed! *sigh* What's that song again? Oh right, "God is great, beer is good...and people are crazy!"

Anyway, I just wanted to use the above video as an example of how "crazy" and "wild" Arabians and Thoroughbreds are. Watch out!


quietann said...

Us Morgan people get that one, too. Yes, a lot of Morgans are "hot" but there are just as many used as beginner lesson horses, kids horses etc... and sometimes a retired show Morgan is a great little kids' lesson horse. I met one old guy who as a stallion in his younger years was a Carriage Driving national champion and quite a handful... and as a gelding in his twilight years was used with the absolute beginners because he was little (14 hands) and absolutely rock-solid no matter what was happening on his back.

I also know a number of middle aged people who had Morgans as first or second horses in their teens... but now say they would not recommend them because they are too hot.

They are a lot like Arabs -- smart, energetic, tough and sometimes hot/spooky. But so much depends on the training! In general, I've found that the ones who've been in show barns would require a lot of retraining to be trail/sport horses, and some just have their brains fried in that environment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you I have an arabian stallion and a half arabian mare , and they are both great horses. I do everything with both of them and I have never had any problems with there training, no bucking and no bolting. As you said it's about the people , you create the horse your riding by your attitude and knowledge.All in all Just wanted to thank another smart horse person for being open minded