Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ah, deworming has got to be everyone's favourite activity. *ahem* just kidding. But it doesn't have to be as hard as it often is. We've got two horses over sixteen hands and there's no way I want to struggle with getting some stupid tube into their mouths. Oh yea, then hold their chins up all those 16++ hands of neck to make sure they don't spit out the paste (our Quarab holds the paste in his mouth, very purposely, then tries to wipe it on you afterwards if you're not careful). So, this is going to be a brief post with one suggestion: molasses. Or some other type of dense liquid you find your horse likes. Put some molasses in empty, previously-used dewormer tubes and "deworm" your horse as usual (just use a little bit at first, so that it doesn't get all over you). It usually takes a try or two, but before long your horse is grabbing for the tube. Then - oops, one day there is actually dewormer in there! Make sure to put some molasses in a time or two afterwards though so he's back to remembering the dewormer as a good thing.

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