Friday, November 6, 2009


Bear with me please upon my return home. I arrived home at 2a.m. this morning after a 19-hour day. Then I somehow managed to slap myself awake enough to start my day with a dressage lesson. Don't ask me how. If this "update" blog is not coherent? Now you know why. I have a bunch of blogs lined up and will have one out by Monday, but first I must engage in this foreign thing the locals call "sleep". I'm going to give it a shot and see how it suits me anyway. For now, you have the following near-future blogs to look forward to (*ahem* I fully expect you to be sitting on the edge of your seat):

- Horses being ridden young in various disciplines
- Mongolian Horse Derby update (*gasp* that's right, no one died!)
- Parelli's + helmets update (email)
- Lip chains (yay!)
- Conformation practise pen
- Surprise blog (just to jog my goldfish memory later, it involves a 4yo Hanoverian mare)

Some of the preceding blogs are inspired by other blogs lurking around the great World Wide Web. Others are inspired by my own recent experience(s). Lastly, if any readers have any specific subjects they wish to discuss or have a blog written up a propos, feel free to comment.


Blue Roan Pony said...

Really looking forward to the blog on horses being ridden young!

GoLightly said...

WHAT, no-one died, in Mongolia??

OH, the agony, oh, the humanity!!!

THANKS, Equus, say my eyes:)