Saturday, July 24, 2010

BC Thoroughbreds


Thoroughbreds in BC must go by Sunday

"Now, I know that some of you would like to give this person a piece of your mind, and I almost didn’t cross post this because I know some of you probably will, no matter what I say. All I can say is, let’s use a little common sense. If you tell him off, he is going to say eff you guys and sell them for meat. I do not believe he is going to get $500 a piece for meat, so I would certainly encourage anyone interested to make a more reasonable offer. You know, bite your tongue and go in there and be polite no matter how you feel – do you want the horse safe or not? I have smiled and been nice walking into horrible humane case situations, and you can, too."

You should not be advising people not to call to harass this man simply because you think it could possibly jeopardize the horses' situation, but because hey, surprise surprise, we actually do not know anything of this man's situation!! Who are we to stand by and judge?? Maybe he was not legally entitled to sell these horses during the forclosure procedings, perhaps it happened quicker than we thought (loan revoked, taxes, etc etc), maybe he has been trying to sell these horses for awhile yet (the market in BC is terrible), or maybe, just maybe, there is another side to this story completely. Give the man credit for turning out horses who are fat and happy and broodmares who have not (from all appearances) been bred since 2007, not to mention the fact that he did his best to ensure those horses went to good homes. If he really is the decent guy he seems to be, the decent guy you have to give him credit for at least possibly being, perhaps his 'these-horses-need-to-be-gone-by-Sunday-else-they-are-at-auction-Monday' is not extortion, is not a threat, but rather is his reality and his only option (ie. his property is being possessed by Monday and thus he will have no place on which to keep the horses)!! Geez, give the guy a break. Whether it is right or not for him to charge $500 per horse (whether he actually did or not is another matter however) - those horses are well-bred and seem much more valuable than the price he is asking and I am sure 30 x $500/horse could go a long ways towards helping him out in his current situation, if even only a little.

A few of the horses are visible here. And, despite Cathy's high-and-mighty attitude about it all in both her original post and her comments (despite her admonishing her sheep to not harass the guy, she was still passing judgement and criticism his way), all the horses were successfully removed!

Phew. Got that out of my system ;) It has been awhile since any Fugly rants, so I figured I was about due.

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