Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FHOTD attacks again

You've done it yet again, Cathy. You know, the more and more I am around people, the more I really do like my dog! And horses.

I'll make this short, but I read the ad Cathy posted prior to its being removed (which always happens after Cathy attacks an individual - the media piece is removed). The other photos of the horse in question did reveal a horse who is pretty thin. However rather than using a select photo or two and writing an educational blog on thin horses and breeding - how to body score, how to put weight on those hard-keepers (we'll have one here soon, promise), etc etc, Cathy posted the actual ad for her followers to harass the sellers. This way, though, she can claim innocence - "I never told them to harass the ad posters!" No, but you broadcasted this horse, slapped the owners in the face (yes, the horse is too thin, but there is always another side to the story and Cathy could have politely, respectfully, and compassionately helped the ad posters out with a little education rather than tearing a strip off of them - people learn nothing from that), and provided your sheep with the means of verbally abusing the ad posters - resulting in the ad being removed from Craigslist. As far as Cathy's followers: why do you think it is ok to verbally abuse people over the internet when you wouldn't dream (I hope, anyways) of doing so in person, at say your workplace? A little education, in place of snarky commentary, could have gone a long ways to helping that horse. Seems like the Dalai Lama isn't just needed in Calgary...

On that note, I don't want people to harass Cathy if they disagree with some of what she posts either. We should all be demonstrating compassion toward one another; it would make our world a whole lot better place. In that light, I struggle with even posting this blog, but at the same time, I feel like Cathy should be called out on what she is doing, and I'm not verbally abusing Cathy. *sigh* call me a hypocrite, that's just my two cents.

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