Thursday, September 10, 2009

World-class halter horses

Again. Yeah, I know, sorry. Fugly's latest blog re-surfaced my utter near hatred towards AQHA halter horses. I'm still trying to work out why these horses invoke such strong feelings in me... I guess it seems like such a waste of good horse, and I mean, these horses are hideous! And are they actually functional? At all?

Seriously Secure
Nice colour and chrome, but I can't decide whether he is morbidly orbese, or just a cross between some Quarter Horse mare and a Belgian Blue bull. 140 Open Halter Points, 27 Amateur Halter Points, 27 Grand Championships, 10 Res GC's, PHBA World Champion, APHA World Champion, 3 APHA Res World Championships, 2003 Honor Roll Yearling Stallion, 2004 Honor Roll Open and 2yo Stallion? What's this world come to?! He is THE definition of over-muscling, he's post-legged... I can't even articulate all his faults - I think I'm going to be seriously sick...and whatever happened to flat bone? Or, you know, CORRECT LEGS??? How, again, did he win Worlds? And Championships?? Of course, he is Hypp N/H - yes, let's keep passing THAT on. Seems his kids are just as "successful" as he is... if that is how you define success, anyway.

Here's Mighty Clue, another World Champion stallion. He's already got World Champion kids, as a 2005 model. We're not breeding for longevity and long-term soundness here - I want to see this guy WORKING under-saddle, and I want to see him in ten years. Oh, he's also HYPP N/H.

Just when I thought halter horse people couldn't get any worse, I see the most hideous mare I've ever laid eyes on - Sonny's Red Lace (top photo), being bred to Shanes Bake (middle photo). He's HYPP N/H too. The grey mare (bottom photo), also N/H, is a classic example of what Shanes Bake produces (she is proudly displayed on the breeders' website!). C'mon, halter horse people, shouldn't you know better? I want to know how these horses make it to WORLDS with such hideous conformation!?!! HOW ARE THE JUDGES ALLOWING THIS?!!! Why are the REWARDING it with championship titles?!?!! If I had have seen Cool Stylin Star: (second photo of him as a mature stallion):

as a yearling (top photo) in my barn, I think I would have cried. In between vomits. He would have been instantly gelded. What I want to know, is what happened to stallion Sir Cool Skip:

I think I could honestly mistake him for an elephant in the above photo. He died at 17 years of age. And was HYPP N/H. The breeders of these horses even go so far as to claim their horses are athletic. Yikes!!!

Is this a current, 4yo photo of this stud? I can't pick out a single quality trait in him that I would like to see passed down to one of my foals. Especially those legs. This is a stud - shouldn't we be a little more picky?? I don't care if he's a natural green, nevermind perlino! Shitty is still shitty, regardless of colour.

I realize this is old news to many, and I do not like to directly bash, but man, I just had to rant. Don't even get me started on these "World-class" breeders purposely breeding horses to pass on the HYPP gene. Shame on you. And shame on you, AQHA, for allowing these horses (N/H) to be registered and to compete. This isn't something new. Any last remaining speck of respect I had for the AQHA? Vanished.

A HYPP attack:

...a very mild one.

So, I'll leave off with that, and with a video of yet another AQHA favourite, Carribean Kid:


Zion-St. John Lutheran School said...

That is just disgusting. At first I thought for sure that the pictures were photoshopped. These owners and judges must be doing some kind of hallucinnogenic drugs if they think this is acceptable, let alone attractive.

Anonymous said...

ya know what i think.. You act like you have some kind of entitlement to judge what is beautiful and what is not... i'd rather see 1'000 "ugly" horses than to hear one word come out of your stupid face. These horses really don't even look that bad, what kinda person would have so much hate over a horse with some muscle, really? i get you wanna rant ,but your not really mad at the fucking horses, are you? who the fuck are you to judge beauty when you act ugly?

Anonymous said...

If you want an animal that looks like this, you might as well buy yourself a big bull. This is not beautiful, it's just a typical american crazy thing. Those horses are neither healthy or beautiful.

Anonymous said...

In England they are breeding lurchers called bull lurchers that look just like this, they think speed and muscle can work together. Trouble is the dogs end up in pain as they are too muscle bound. I have painted and drawn horses all my life, this is everything that I would not put in a drawing! Unnatural, I bet they cannot even do the job they were originally bred for. Man fiddling with a thing that nature has spent millions of years creating.

Anonymous said...

I think some muscling on a stallion and other halter horses is good,but it must be balanced and in proportion with the horse's body. These halter horses are out of control and are not useful for anything else.

Postergirl said...

It made me so sad to watch that video. That poor horse can't move very well. The hind end is monstrously large, as is the rest of his body... but there's no way that horse can comfortable. It looks like an obese person trying to move around. Poor horse.

Anonymous said...

Man, I own a halter mare, and she looks nothing like a poorly conformed buffalo, considering her horrific halter breeding.

Her grandfather's are RH Mr Imprint, and the rhinosouraus Kids Classic Style. If you want to see poorly conformed famous halter horses, look those two stallions up.

People, NEVER buy a halter horse, it's taken me six months to get my mare to be able to have a slow-cadenced and smooth lope and jog. They have HORRIBLE gaits.

Anonymous said...

I have a foundation mare she is naturally muscled and looks the way the original quarter horse should. However I am showing her in halter this year to get her used to the show ring. I bet I will loose to some of these huge horses that can't do anything but stand there. My mare is broke to ride and can do everything from rope cows, run. Barrel pattern and go on trails. Shes the true definition of a quarter horse shes versatile and has a easy going attitude

Anonymous said...

You better call your attorney. You have violated copyright law by using pictures without permission and committed the most heinous example of liable ever seen. Lets see pictures of your ewe necked, sickle hocked, cat hipped bag of spare parts you call your horse before you sling mud at someone else's. See ya in court!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Secure just sold for $130,000. Yes you read that right..130 THOUSAND dollars. What's your piece of shit in your profile worth? Bet you couldn't get kill price for it.
Next time you want to rant about someone else's horses who are earning money, not just crapping it on the ground, you better check your facts.
I hope they sue the shit out of you.

Anonymous said...

You'd rather had a horse that is too big to walk on its own tiny hooves? Who are unsound the day they're born? I'd rather have an "imperfect horse" then have a halter horse any day. Enjoy all of your soundness issues, if it isn't lame by the time you're able to sit on its back.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. It would be different if these halter horses were natural but their not. Why do we have to mess up a good thing? These horses just look uncomfortable.
If all you care about is money than you don't need to be involved in horses. It bugs the crap out of me how people breed for money. Not just horses, but dogs, cats and so on. With not so much as a second thought as to how the animal will be treated or what types of health problems they will face in their lifetime from weird breeding. And lastly (this will piss some of you off and if it does than you most likely have benefitted from it) I find it more and more that it's not what your animal looks like or how they behave that helps you win, but what relationship you have with the judges.

Anonymous said...

So crazy! These horses look like their bred to eat. What a shame, what we do to animals. This is not normal. My brother purchase a halter horse named Arnie. He had to be put down at 7 years of age because his ringbone was so painful.

Marianne Sæveraas said...

Thank you for telling the world what apha and apha are doing with the halterbreed in USA. This is disgusting, and is simular to Belgian Blue, destroying a good horseline, pumping the horses with steroids and drugs. What about health and usability. No, all they are thinking about is money, easy to see, comments over! They dont give a shi. About the horses :(

Joelle Savage said...

Tho those of you that are attacking the author of this blogs, you obviously know nothing about horses or halter horses in specific. You just think, "Oh, it's pretty, so why is she attacking them??"

I've 15 years in the industry. By now, I would hope that I know what is good conformation and bad conformation. Conformation effects EVERYTHING on a horse. From the way that they stand, move, looks, etc.

HYPP N/H is a hideous DISEASE that CRIPPLES horses, as well as the possibility of being fatal. Horses that are HYPP N/H positive SHOULD NOT be being bred.

It's just like breeding dogs, you don't want to breed two dogs together that have hip displaysia, as it'll most likely be passed down to the pups.

Horses like this SHOULD NOT be winning titles.

The point of halter classes were originally to judge conformation and see which horse had the closest to "perfect" conformation. It's gone from that, to seeing which horse looks the shittiest. OBVIOUSLY. The horses in the above blog look like CRAP.

Their legs are entirely too upright. Do you know what that causes?? It causes them to not be able to pick their hind legs up very well for things like WALKING and TROTTING and just being a horse. It also makes it extremely difficult to do normal hoof maintenance as they can't pick their legs up high enough to be trimmed normally. I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE! My one and only trim job on a halter horse was one of the most interesting trim jobs I've ever had. The horse had to have his hind hooves done on a wooden block because he couldn't pick his hind legs up high enough for me to trim him properly. On top of that, he was having an HYPP N/H attack the entire time. His shoulder muscle was twitching like mad the whole time, and no, it wasn't because of flies.

Think of human body builders. How much motion range do they have with all of the excessive muscle that they have? Not much. Most can't even put their hands by their sides because of how big their muscles are. The same goes for these horses. Horses bones are only made to carry so much weight. Usually, because of the excessive muscle on these horses, they can't be ridden because their bones would most likely break.

Heck, the one horse has what's known as a "roach back." He's humped over because his conformation is so shitty.
The gray mare that was also positive for HYPP N/H has a low set tail, straight and upright hind legs, extremely upright pasterns, and entirely way to much slope on her hindquarters to not only NOT be attractive, but also to be considered decent breeding stock.

The image of the next horse after the gray mare. Please, don't get me started 'cause I'm just going to be repeating myself. EXTREMELY UPHILL (for those of you who don't know what I mean, his hind end is higher than his shoulders), upright pasterns, what's known as "pillar" legs (straight up and down), VERY long bodied while everything else (neck, hind quarters, head) are all small in comparison to the length of his body.

Next photo - Not a good conformation shot, but definitely an overly muscled equine.

And on to Sir Cool Skip. I googled a good conformation image of this beefcake, and he's just the same as the last few I've critiqued.

These horses should not be being bred. They can't be used for anything other than halter, and they shouldn't even be being entered in halter shows let alone WINNING. They're hideous, and a failure for the AQHA and horses in general when it comes to good genes to pass on to protégé...

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2007 I purchased a horse to be my new team roping horse. He is built very similar to these, perhaps not quite as extreme. Non-the-less I'd be willing to bet he has some halter horse blood in him. I hade to by an extra wide saddle to fit him.
He is VERY athletic, loves to work cattle. He is a lot quicker on his feet then one would imagine.
I feel in love with him the moment I laid eyes on him. Despite all his amazing qualities, he has begun to have some feet issues. I think that his feet just are not big enough for his size.
It is sad that horses are bred to such extremes. I'm sure the owners/breeders love their horses, but I do wish they would reconsider how they do things.

Nylon Horse Halters said...

These horse are looking awesome!
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Anonymous said...

They are distorted to the point of being unhealthy. How can a horse built like this be balanced, at all? They can't even stand straight. It
looks painful.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. I would consider the practice of breeding horses like these to be animal abuse, but even worse because the horse cannot be rescued and has to suffer their whole life.

Nylon Halters said...

What's wrong with you they seems like strong horses...

Anonymous said...

Nylon Halters -

These horses are muscular to the point where they can barely move. They have a disease that could kill them one day. They can do nothing but stand all day. These are absolutely not strong horses. Horses like this should never, ever be bred. If you want an example of a strong horse, visit a reining barn and put a hand on one of the horses. You won't forget the muscle on those horses anytime soon. And can those horses ever move! There is a difference between "muscular" and "unable to move".

Anonymous said...

That is ridiculousness! Thoroughbred don't have that much muscle for a reason, neither do any other horse breeds! this shows how completely unnecessary it is for them to look like this they cant work (as they can barely walk so well done you have created a horse that is completely useless! and has on value other than more meet. You want to know the perfect result of selective breeding look at Frankel, 100s of years of natural coverings and no drugs resulted in a horse estimated to be worth £100 million and because of his breeding he is ranked the best Thoroughbred horse of all time! ( sorry but none of your american "racers" have anything on him! PURE CLASS AND CORRECT BREEDING RESULTED IN THE MODERN THOROUGHBRED THIS OVERNIGHT BREEDING IS PATHETIC !!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yall are a bunch of jealous babies. Just because you horse is not as amazing as these and your horse is not winning, you like to bash someone else. Many of these horses ride and do ranch work. If you were a real halter person who shows at world class levels you would know this.

lamehorse said...

I read this blog after i have been down on my luck with my horse, She has PSSM, another shitty gene that breeders insist on breeding, she isn't put together badly and I love her all the same but frankly she is useless. This is not her fault but the breeders fault.
As i looked over these photos i see images that just repulse me. It is not the horses that repulse me it is the breeders and the AQHA for even allowing these horses to enter the ring let alone get placed or win.
As for the supporters of these mutated horses, please take a look at other horses, horses that really do perform such as reining horses, show jumpers, dressage horses. None of these horses have conformation that remotely resembles these freaks of nature. All too often horses are being bred for a certain look or color. When did the saying a good horse doesn't come in a bad color get forgotten, or no foot no horse. Line breeding for want of a better word (in breeding) is becoming all to common in way to many breeds, like the sea horse faced arabs. Stop ruining a great breed, people want longevity in a horse, stamina, agility, trainability, healthy, great conformation, good hoofs and talent and NO GENETIC PROBLEMS. If your horses don't tick these boxes then stop bloody breeding them, its cruel and its silly. Just geld it ffs. Stop expecting buyers to pick up the bill for breeders mistakes, eventually these horses are going to run out of unsuspecting buyers and these breeders may as well just become kill buyers because ultimately when these horses become all to common and they go lame that is their fate. Some might get lucky but most will not, most will become that sorry story that is all to common on facebook about a poor rescued horse who has been unloved and underfed and shipped from home to home. These horses are horses for the vain, not a sports person.

KrazyTwo Kats said...

Caribbean Kid passed away today. He was hypp n/n.

KrazyTwo Kats said...

Also that video of him romping around, he can barely move his hind legs. He looks constipated.

Anonymous said...

Are you really that ignorant to think these horses "don't even look that bad"? You have absolutely no horse sense whatsoever and belong with the idiots who think these horses are even remotely healthy and athletic. I only wish I could inflict the same torture they put these horses through on them. It's sad!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hideous..Br££der$ don't really give a to$$ about the long term wellbeing of the monstrosities they create~ and America especially seems to go all out in producing extremely distorted horses.
Short, unsound lives.

River P said...

This known as qualzucht, thats intentionally breeding animals with defects deemed desirable but that cause animals to suffer. Like dogs whose muzzles are so that they are exercise intolerant, even mild exercise as they cannot breath easily or cool the body down effectively enough, the same dogs winning ribbons at dog shows.

Seems horses haven't been spared these extremes in breeding fro the show ring either.

I've never seen one of these horses in action, in fact I didn't believe they really existed until I saw the video here. The pictures I've seen before, here and there, I just assumed were photoshopped. So with both trepidation and something bordering on morbid curiosity I watched the video.

First thing that came to my mind when I saw it move was that the skeletal system of such a horse is not strong enough to support the weight of so much muscling. I guarantee these horses will break down with any amount of normal work horses are required to do when ridden. So there is no point really in breeding them this way. Second thing that came to my mind is that it looks incredibly ugly the horse has lost all elasticity and freedom of movement. You would expect enormous push from behind but this is not the case instead you get an odd hopping at the canter where the back legs act almost together putting huge strain on joints. Because the horse doesn't have the skeleton of a Kangaroo this is going to seriously strain ligaments and bone.

So we have a horse that cannot work normally and is likely to break down easily!? Absolutely no point what so ever all it's causing is animal suffering. Even with a perfect skeletal conformation this is going to be the case but with even the slightest deviation in the skeletal system there will be overload in that area and the horse will go lame. A normal horse can compensate for slight deviations these horses are unable to as they don't have the athleticism or freedom of movement to be able to.

I have noticed in other horse disciplines and breeds there are problems creeping in due to specialisation for one discipline. Primarily in the Netherlands. Jumping horses are becoming more and more downhill and dressage horses are becoming freakishly uphill, thats the wither as the highest point, there legs are also getting longer and longer to a point foals are having difficulties grazing unless on bended knees. Both are beginning to look uglier and uglier as they are losing function beyond hind push in the case of jumpers and flashy uphill front leg movement in dressage horses. You lose the balance and all round ability in jumpers and back end in dressage horses. As joints have to compensate for these intentional deformities you are getting what long ago happened to the German Shepherd dog, freaks that move like a cripples.

A balanced horse with a good conformation is far better, stays sounder longer and still has the wherewithal to produce the goods. However breeders following market trends and to make animals more marketable are breeding for these extremes resulting in freaks that cannot stay sound.

Quarter horses never appealed to me because they have since the early days been bred for a more and more downhill build, thats the from end is like a wheel barrow and the arse is like a tank in the air. Their strides have been getting shorter and shorter as a result too. They have lost the suppleness, athleticism and elasticity they were bred for in the first place. To chase and stop that cow and go for days at a time through cattle country. Now they have the burden of extra weight in the form of grotesque muscling on their shoulders it has become debatable whether a showing quarter horse is only worth the dog meat it could produce as a carcass.

A very sad state of affairs indeed.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hideous...and so cruel too.
No horse should look like these bulldogs on steroids, Rolling in fat, suffering pain, it is offensive to see.
Breeders should be selecting for soundness, and good conformation, a horse who can do a job, not waddle around an arena.
The Irish produce horses that look like horses, not bulls.
Maybe try to take a leaf out of their books?

Old School said...

These horses are not right. Horse built like this are useless as all they can do stand around looking pretty.

Old School said...


Anonymous said...

Equine Frankenstein, it is obvious this poor stallion is uncomfortable in his own skin; he is lame on all 4 legs and is only 4 years old.
When will backyard and backwards Equine Breeding will be abolished to prevent this type of cruelty? Any person who thinks this horse is remotely attractive has mental illness and needs to seek help instead of Breeding animals that are destined to living miserable painful lives. Please if you are one of those whackos go heal yourself somewhere, you can do it...There are others ways to act out your self destructive impulses. Good luck.