Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photo shoot

I felt this was an appropriate post for those who are taking photos for fun or for sale...I find it frustrating sometimes to get a horse's ears pricked forward for photos, particularly recently with a mare we are selling, who often just rests her ears back, making her appear grumpy. Ugh!

So, some tips:

Shoot to Thrill (tips on getting those ears forward)

Taking Horse Pictures (tips on lighting, posing, etc)

Some further tips I have to add:
- have a minimum of 3 people: one to attract the horse's attention, one to hold and set up the horse (preferably even one to hold, one to set up), and one to take the photo! Don't make the mistake I have of thinking you can do it all yourself. Likely not possible!
- use something to attract the horse's ears
- teach your horse ahead of time how to set up properly - don't try to do it come photo time!
- have the horse cleaned up - bathed, clipped, bridled or wearing an appropriate halter
- be dressed appropriately and professionally
- appropriate lighting is vital

And, here is one of my newly-discovered favourites:

Fine Art Equine Photography

Yann Arthus Bertrand Photography
- an old all-time favourite of mine!

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