Monday, January 18, 2010

TWH Celebration: cele- wha-??

So...what are we celebrating??

Take a look at the following videos and let me know what is natural about this:

2009 TWH Celebration entrances. Some of those horses do look sore to my eye, however I cannot say for sure as my expertise lies far from TWH's.

2009 TWH Celebration classes. Some more uncomfortable looking horses - though they are absolutely gorgeous! I have to admit though that that unnatural-looking gait gives me the creeps.

How do people perceive this as good for the horse, as natural, and as desired??! Not only is this not healthy (in any way, shape or form) to the horse, but what use does such an extreme high step serve? Would you want this on a trail ride? For any real purpose?! Why would we, as people, reward the horse with the highest step, with no use for it? It’s like a fashion show, a talent show, where, instead of developing the horse into a useful and healthy animal, it is turned into a ruined wreck who never learned how to carry itself or think properly, and needs hock injections the rest of its life by the age of 4. Yay for the TWH industry. Good job, guys. Good job.


smazourek said...

Ick, it's like they took the horses from the 90's and made gross, cartoonish caricatures of them.

Anonymous said...

I could hardly watch. It looked like the horses were going to fall on their hind end, and they all looked terrible. It's impossible for a horse to look or feel good when they're moving like that.