Friday, January 22, 2010

Urgent: Albertans!!

Attention: Albertans

I just wanted to bring to light the following auction, as per Edmonton's Bar N K Rescue and Placement for OTTB's:

Bar N K Rescue

"On Jan 5, 2009 there was an SPCA seizure of 33 head of TB'S in the Calgary area. Since then 2 have died."

33 horses seized in Springbank

Apparently, from what I can gather, there are:
2 Appy-type geldings
2 Arab-type mares
1 Pinto Arab-type mare
2 Arab-type yearling fillies
Thoroughbreds (the rest), some with tattoos.

They are poised to be auctioned off at the High River Auction Mart January 27 at 1pm. If anyone can find the room in their hearts and pockets, please try to give these guys a hand if possible. I'll bet one could get them for a decent price, get them back into condition, and turn them over to a good home without losing out financially; it would make a huge difference to the horse (they certainly deserve a second chance!) without placing too much strain on the rescuer, particularly in this economy. My only "warning" would be to make sure you are prepared to give such a horse a home (even if temporarily to later place them) and that you have the experience (or help) and finances to deal with who-knows-what.

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