Monday, January 4, 2010

Wild Horses

The following is a video clip of Thistle, a wild mustang originally from the 3 Strikes Ranch rescue whom Pat Parelli put some work on; I thought it was pretty interesting (and awesome!).


"At each of the Celebrations, The Humane Society of the United States has worked with local horse rescue groups to bring an adoptable rescued horse who trained with Pat Parelli for a three-day development program from ground work to riding. At the end of the Celebration, the featured horses were offered for adoption."

I just think that is fantastic, for a BNT to be show-casing specific horses who need homes as well as heightening awareness of the plights of horses (and mustangs!) in need of homes in general! Think of the good start and exposure these horses get in this type of arrangement, plus they hopefully find a good home and encourage others to pursue other horses currently in need of homes. What a good-looking little mustang, too, and obviously with a great mind (Pat even rides him bridleless in the video!) ;)

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